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People want you to be strong

People love to see strength. It gives them a sense of safety and protection. Even though some times they may test you, they are often hoping to find someone who has a strong conviction. Your neighbors, your friends and your colleagues – they all want to see you strong. Too many people are like leaves in the breeze. No one desires to relate to them.

When you start a new diet and they tempt you with ice cream, they are secretly hoping that you will stick with it. Subconsciously they are longing to see someone who walks their talk and keeps their promises. This creates natural trust and we all have a great need of trusting others as well as being trusted.

Children especially have the need to admire strong people – people who will make a promise and keep it. If you are a parent, draw a line and your child will walk over it. He or she is just testing to see who is stronger, secretly hoping that you are. Discovering you are weaker knocks down their sense of security. It’s a very uneasy feeling for children to believe that they are in control and can do anything they want. They desperately need someone to make rules and also enforce them. Sometimes they’ll swear, curse, break things, shout and scream, just hoping that someone will give them some boundaries.

People admire you when you make a stand and follow it through, even though they might not agree with the cause. 

from: http://www.lead-yourself.com/content/view/16/31/lang,el/

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